SOM-930-33,NXP IMX6Q
  • SOM-930-33,NXP IMX6Q

Electric Features

  • Working Temperature: 0 °C~ 70°C for commercial, -45 °C~70 °C for inductrial with cool system
  • Working Humidity: 20% ~ 90%, Non-Condensing
  • Dimesions: 82mm x 50mm
  • Input Voltage: 4.2V


  • 1GHz ARM Cortex™-A9 64-Bit RISC Microprocessor with TrustZone
  • NEON MPE coprocessor
  • 32KB/32KB of L1 Instruction/Data Cache with Single-Error Detection (parity)
  • 1MB of L2 Cache with Error Correcting Code (ECC)


  • 4GB ~ 32GB eMMC
  • 4*256MB DDR3 SDRAM

Expansion Interfaces and Signals Routed to Pins

  • 314 Pins gold finger mouth
  • A TFT LCD Interface (Support LCDs with 24-bpp parallel RGB interface)
  • One USB2.0 High-Speed Host and one USB OTG Interfaces
  • For UART Interfaces
  • A SPI Interface
  • One 10/100 /1000Mb/s Ethernet
  • A I2S interface
  • Three IIC Signals
  • One 4-line SD/MMC card interfaces
  • One 8 bits MMC interface
  • One MIPI camera interface
  • One parallel camera interface
  • One HDMI output interface
  • Two channel LVDS interface
  • One two line PCIe interface
  • One SATA interface

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