• MINI9000
  • MINI9000


Product overview:

Som-imx6-mm (model: mini9000, hereinafter referred to as mini9000) is an embedded core board based on i.MX 6quad, which supports Linux 3.10.17 and Android 4.4.2, and provides system image, driver source code and schematic diagram for rapid evaluation and secondary development.



Hardware features:

Electrical parameters:

Product size: 70mm x 68mm

Working temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃

Ambient humidity: 20% – 90% (no condensation)

Input voltage: 5V


• Freescale i.MX 6Quad ARM Cortex ™ -A9 processor

• Integrated 32 kByte L1 instruction cache

• Integrated 32 kByte and data cache

• Integrated private counter and watchdog

• Integrated cortex-a9 neon MPE coprocessor

• Integrated 2D graphics processor


• 4GB eMMC Flash

• 4*256MB DDR3 SDRAM

Onboard interface and button:

• Four ttl232 signals (two 4-bit and two 2-bit)

• Two CAN2.0 signals

• One rgmii signal

• One SPI signal

• Three I2C signals

• Two 8-bit SDIO signals

• One way SATA signal

• One way of PCI signal

• One way USB host signal

• One USB OTG signal

• One LVDS signal

• One channel HDMI signal

• One way LCD interface

• One channel audio signal

• One way camera signal

• GPMC signal

•  boot configuration signal


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