EVK-PH8800 For SOM-PH8800
  • EVK-PH8800 For SOM-PH8800
  • EVK-PH8800 For SOM-PH8800
  • EVK-PH8800 For SOM-PH8800

Som-am437x-pm core board Full Function Evaluation Kit (model: evk-ph8800)


Som-am437x-pm core board Full Function Evaluation Kit (model: evk-ph8800, hereinafter referred to as evk-ph8800) is an Evaluation Kit independently developed by inbert, which is composed of core board som-am437x-pm (model: som-ph8800) and bottom board bb-eph1800. The whole system is oriented to medical instruments, video surveillance, industrial control, communication and other fields.

  Core board som-am437x-pm (model: som-ph8800)

SOM-AM437x-PM with evaluation baseboard

Core board hardware features:

Processor and onboard storage:

  • TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A9 AM4378 Processor

  • 1GByte (512M*2) DDR3 SDRAM

  • 4GB eMMC Flash

  • 32MB QSPI Flash

  • 32Kb EEPROM


I / O interface:

  • 1x DB9 RS232 UART

  • 1x 12 bit Digital Camera

  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet

  • 3x RS485

  • 2x CAN

  • 4x high-speed USB2.0 Host

  • 1x USB OTG

  • 1x TF Card

  • 1x WiFi Module

  • 2x 10 Pin External Interface (I2C,UART,SPI and so on)

  • 1x 4Pin UART serial debugging interface

  • 1x 24-bit true-color LCD interface (supporting 4-wire touchscreen)

  • 1x VGA interface

  • 1x HDMI interface

  • 1x MIC Input

  • 1x Audio headphone output

  • Power Jack (+12V round DC power jack )

  • 1x Power Reset Button, 1x system Reset Button, 1x boot Button and 2x buttons by customers

  • 1x RTC

  • RoHS compliant

Electrical characteristics:

  • Working temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃

  • Input voltage: 9-25v

  • Working humidity: 20% – 90%

  • Size: 180 mm × 120 mm

  • PCB specification: 4 layer design

Software features:

support name features describe
Linux Kernel kernel Version number 4.1.6
Drivers drive USB OTG,USB Host,Gigabit Ethernet, TF, eMMC , EEPROM, CAN, RS485, Audio, LCD Controller (supports 4.3- and 7-inch LCD), RTC, HDMI, Touch driver, Button, UART, LED
File system UBIFS Default root file system used by debian

Application fields:

  • Portable data terminal

  • Industrial control

  • Communication equipment

  • Security system

  • measuring equipment 

  • Energy charging pile

Functional block diagram of bb-eph1800 interface of full function backplane


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